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      Anneler Ruedi


      I’m importing a set of metric chine specifications. All works well. But both bottom ends show strange forms. The reason for this could be that the two bottom planks end before the stem. Seems that I’ve made a mistake by defining the ends of chine one (nearest to the bottom). But I was unable to find it out so far. Any ideas?

      I’ve added three files:
      -a view of the bottom
      -the txt file with the chines offsets
      -the Open


      Office Calc (csv) table I used to create the txt file (contains some useful info about what is what)

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hi Biber, as usual I started from blank:
      Got your .txt file and imported as “coordinates” – ’cause any other format gave num.err. and I do not bother fix it –
      Then gracefully add some faces… A nice canoe hull!

      Three in a line: coordinates, hard chines, flush.
      I do not see problems…
      Let me know, please.
      Bye, Jurgen.

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      Anneler Ruedi


      This is it! Thank you very much. I’m impressed!

      I imported the file as “chines”, which worked but produced strange ends on plank 2. Tried to find out why, but was unable to do so.

      Sometimes another approach works better, but think to know something can be a very high obstacle some times :silly:

      Kind regards

      p.s. How can one create mor than one model in delftship, and how can I get rid of the two models of three I do not need?

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      Hi Everybody, i’m new here 🙂
      i have a problem, or “sort of a”. I made my semi-displacement hull in Rhinoceros5 and i have extracted the lines from the keel, inner chine and sheer line. Got the points on Rhino, after a breif fairing process applied to the curves, and then exported them as .txt and the hull came out pretty good in DelftShip, except for the displacement, wich is higher than i expeted, probably due to the “unfairiness” of the surfaces. I took the chine Line (wich is more precisely the “Inner line” of the chine, the chine line closer to the center line) and make it a Crease Edge, setting then the chine points all as Corners, but still i don’t have my real chine, since this one is only a creased edge. How can i recreate my hard chines from the marker curve i have imported with the .txt file? Thanks a lot in advance!
      Best Regards

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