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      Carl Janmark


      I am trying to recreate a 30’s sailing yacht from the original drawing and want to export my work to Rhino.
      The dxf format causes problems downstream so I want to try to export in iges instead, however, this is not possible in the free version.

      Could someone help me with this please?
      I am on version 10.10 Free.

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      Robert Holme

      AFAIK the free version no longer supports the IGES format. i.e. you need to export to another format and use a 3rd party for IGES; or buy the professional version.

      HTH Maryak

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      Carl Janmark

      Thanks for the reply.

      I understand that it isn’t supported in the free version for some reason, however I am hesitant to purchase the pro version just to export to a format that I dont even know will work. This is just a small hobby project, and if I have to buy something I want to know that it will work.

      So, to rephrase my question: Could someone help me export my geometries?

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      hi my name Thuan, Canadian in Toronto city
      I like your drawing , could you teach me to designing more details interior of vessel by Murman3D.dxf ?
      I could design all parts of vessel in 3D by Sketchup software.
      Thanks !

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      Claudio Boezio

      Hello Cuthalion,

      you can send me your model to navalis@wtnet.de and I can export it to IGES for you. See also this post for notes about IGES export: http://www.delftship.net/DELFTship/index.php/forum/questions/3883-lost-in-transition#5471

      Cheers, Claudio

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