i wan’t to find the help button

DELFTship forum Feature requests i wan’t to find the help button

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      as writen in the manual, i have to register my
      software in order to enable the printing and saving features.
      it’s writen that the Registering is done by sending a registration code to
      support@delftship.net, and that this code is in “The about window” which is
      accessible from the main menu and is located under
      Help => About…

      the problem is that i haven’t found the “help” button ,yet !!!

      can someone help me please??


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      Sergio Diaz-Ibieta

      Hello Ahmed,
      The code you are looking for is in the window you see when clicking the yellow light bulb in the upper right hand side of the screen (DS version 5). If you click it, then you will be able to find your code.

      Hope you can make it..


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