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      The first time I started using DELFTship I was tempted to start with a blank project- I wanted to understand the entire process!

      I found that there are almost no reasons to do so, I now always start with a template that kinda, sorta, can match what I want to make, fill out the main dimensions and start from there. This way at least your principle dimensions are set!

      If you then do feel it is better to start with a clean sheet- for instance if you want to design a simple barge, or a weirdly shaped space ship, you can always delete everything and start with a primitive (box, spere, …)

      If you do that, please remember that by default DELFTship assumes you are working with a half model- we traditionally model the port side, and mirror everything to starboard. There is a handy ‘Remove SBĀ  side’ button to avoid double surfaces.

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