I failed to make flat of bottom in my model

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      Dear Folks,

      I try to reverse engineering an existing hull form with flat of bottom and flat of side. I ended up with nearly the same hull but with minor problems at the bow and stern areas as well as no flat of bottom. Any suggestions please? Attached is a copy of the file that contains the Offset Table of the model.

      [file name=Neptunedelft.txt size=6678]http://www.delftship.net/delftship/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/files/Neptunedelft.txt[/file]

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      How are your control points? Is it possible they are too close together, or maybe to tightly adjusted?

      (I had (and to some extent still have) that problem. But due to the scale of my hull, and since i’m only doing a concept naval hull, i’m not too worried. I hope to resolve it after i purchased a license of DS Pro. But, fi you’re modeling a very small craft, i can see you’ll be very concerned about the accuracy.)

      You might have to bring some of the control points outward a bit. Then, if you have a cad program, check out the DXF 3D Polylines and DXF 3D Mesh there, too.

      In DS, turn on the inside control mesh and see what your shell is doing as you edit the nodes. Some you may want to automatically adjust, one axis at a time, keeping care to not make too many test adjustments too quickly.

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