I can’t install a DELFTShip software.

DELFTship forum General Questions I can’t install a DELFTShip software.

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      Harry Mets

      I have a Samsung RC710 notebook with GeForce 315M videocard. Tell me please what version of DELFTShip I can install on that one? And what I should do for it? Thanks.

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      Hi Harry,

      DELFTship requires OpenGL 3 or higher. This is more a driver than a hardware issue, you can check by installing our Free version.

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      Harry Mets

      Maarten, thank you for the fast answer. I tried install DELFTShip’s the last version but I couldn’t. You are right. It is need Open GL 3+. Please pardon me but I badly know what is it in deed. Could you tell me where I can get Open GL 3+ file and how to install it? Thank you.

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      Hi Harry!

      Don’t you know the searche engines? I could find a provider in less than three seconds: https://developer.nvidia.com 😉

      Note: When you download anything, make sure you’re still on the official website… like when buying in the real life…

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      Harry Mets

      Thanks for the quick response. I’m delighted with your level knowledge of computer and your wit. However, you did not answer my question. So I repeat my question: can I install Open GL 3 and higher on my notebook Samsung with videocard GeForce 315M and if yes where I can get Open GL 3 and higher? Anybody knowes? Thank you.

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      sos sos sos
      i’m here new and understad NOTHING. So… i cant install software too. i need the latest drivers version (more than 3.0) too..
      WHERE I CAN FIND IT? i was searching here https://developer.nvidia.com but nothing found :blush: :blush:
      plesase anyone write some link from whwrw i have to send drivers or that last version, couse last 10hours i’m trying but 0 rezult :sick: :sick: :blink:

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      Papp Miklos

      Is NVIDIA GeForce 315M videocard of specification: can use Open GL 4.1. If is thrue, can working DS all version.
      (web: GeForce315M specification)

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      Claudio Boezio

      OpenGL support depends at first, on whether the hardware you have supports a certain version of OpenGL. Older cards or laptop may have limited functionality. Second, the graphics card/chip manufacturer has to provide a device driver that actually allows your operating system and applications to use that OpenGL functionality. At some point the manufacturers may stop supporting older graphics cards/chips and even the latest available drivers may not support the newest OpenGL functions. This is an app that allows you to check your supported OpenGL version and test it: http://realtech-vr.com/admin/glview

      Good luck, Claudio

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      Harry Mets

      Hello Claudio.
      Thank you for your full answer.

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