Hydrostatics: Added Keel and Rudder. LCF and KM went to Zero.

DELFTship forum Feature requests Hydrostatics: Added Keel and Rudder. LCF and KM went to Zero.

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      Peter D Eikenberry

      I have been working on a design of a small trawler type yacht. I have had no problem until I added a keel and rudder. Before I added them the hydrostatics were there and appeared to be correct. (I did some manual calculations) After I added the keel and rudder the hydrostatics were still there but now the KM is zero and the LCF is zero. I have checked everything I can think of, I went through the entire help file. I tried flipping the normals at the top of the keel. Nothing seems to work. I suspect the green line is the culprit but I can’t seem to find a way to make it a normal gray line. FreeShip had a command for this. You could select Visibility-interior edges. You could then delete the unnecessary faces at the top of the keel which would convert the line to a gray line. I cannot find a way to do that in Delftship. But then that may not be the cause of the LCF and the KM being zero. Of course I could start over again with the bare hull and watch it until they change, but that would be a lot of work done over again.

      Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

      trawler28.fbm is the hull without keel and rudder.
      trawler28-mod1.fbm is with.

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      Robert Holme

      Hi Peter,

      I opened both your files and the hydrostatics appear OK i.e.

      T28 G=3.681 M=6.444
      T28M1 G=3.183 M=5.338

      I also added the rudder and keel to hydrostatics in layers dialog.

      Best Regards

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      Peter D Eikenberry

      Thanks. I made a copy of the good file and then re added the keel and rudder and everything came out right. So I still don’t know what I did wrong but it’s ok now.

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