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      The model I am working on requires a number of recesses in the hull. These need to have a face about 1mm behind the surface of the hull. How can I do this?

      The bridge of the model has asymmetric fittings on the roof, ie the port side one is larger than the stbd side. Is this possible to do? If so, how?

      Thanks for any help.


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      Hi Ian!

      Asymetric structures:
      In the layers dialog box, you can set a layer’s content to be asymetric, but AFAIK, this content can possibly NOT taken in consideration concerning the hydrostatics (according to the software you’re using).
      Don’t forget to disable the main symetric button (and to REALLY draw the hull’s symetric part. Use the “modification” tool).
      This is the way I draw a carrier and a prao sailship.

      My english is somewhat broken and I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I draw a sea-plane, too. Beneath its hull, there are surfaces pointing out. Are you interested in drawing this kind of shapes, just pointing inwards?


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      Thanks for the reply.

      I should have posted, but I managed to sort it out. I found the way to do the asymetric items as you described.

      The recesses, yes, like your plane but pointing inwards. I did it by creating an opening, extruding inwards and creating a face on the inner end of the extrusion.

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      Yes, one way do draw a recess is to make a hole, to extrude its countour once for the recess “wall” and once more to make the “bottom” (delete the “bottom”‘s vertices and points).
      It’s a way to draw windows when using an other layer (think of using an almost transparent factor!).

      An other way to draw a recess is to draw its vertices in 2D, on the main body and within its contour, then to move the “bottom”‘s vertices inwards, and finally to enlarge the “bottom” (by moving its vertices or its points).

      I hope it’s clear enough without pictures…:S

      I think the first way is the easier, but I used the second one for a while.

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