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      Hi all,

      I am a begineer in ship design. so please bear with me if any of words are inappropriate
      The objective to model a hull of a barge so i downloaded the sample model and edited a bit as per my values.
      i felt that editing an existing design is easier than starting to model from scratch.
      This is my first attempt and i tried to keep the curves as smooth as possible but i am not sure of what i did.

      i have few questions
      1.What are the things needs to be checked while modelling a barge? (ie) any check list available?
      2.what arte the inputs needed to model a barge? i have on GA of the barge which i want to model.
      3.i tried to enter my ship particulars in the opening window but i keeps on changing to its default value, so i adjusted the control points to get to what i need.. is this correct?

      i have attached the GA and the model file.
      Please have a look and share your thoughts


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      giorgio zuppin

      Sorry, no check list: it’s time for a tutorial! (me giggling in satisfaction…)

      Being a barge, after have set background images, best thing is to create a box (Tools), delete unwanted faces and insert planes at a proper spacing.
      Do not mess with “new project setup” in this case , no use.
      Btw changes must be confirmed, literally, pushing >enter< for part. check the old topic.
      Now ready for next step: shaping the hull.
      I suspect you have the advantage because I'm deeply ignorant about barge's hull cross section.
      So in the next days we will confront each other's result, if you agree AND if the rest of the Forum is'nt bored to death.
      Respect, Jurgen.

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