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      Hi , can u help me with this hull please,how to make smooth curve blend radius .from 6.1 m to second part of bow 4.5 m .been struggling with this last 6 days,big thx !



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      giorgio zuppin

      Hi, here’s a correct approach: remember always the basics in DS, it’s a surface modeller.

      I haven’t tried to cope to your data, only arranged the grid providing a smooth transition.
      The rest is up to you!
      Another tip, check frequently the mesh – mesh button in ‘hull display’- looking for anomalies and tensions.
      Enjoy, Jurgen.

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      In general you need at least 4, but preferably 5 points or more to model a bilge radius. 2 points to mark the start and end of the bilge, 2 additional points to specify the start and end tangents, at the remaining point(s) to make sure the radius is correct.

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      Thank you very much Jurgen . that is the same result that i get but again bottom of the freon half is flat not rounded 🙁

      Big thanks Marven .Im not really sure that i get this correct it mast be my language barrier and i did not understand . Do you mean points in longitudinal direction 5 and 5 in vertical direction ,ive tried 6 and 6 and still couldn’t do it .so i presume not all of the long. points go all the way to the bow ?

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      giorgio zuppin

      Can I…
      Points A, radius start.
      Points B, set tangent.
      Point/s C, determine radius.
      You are working on a 2D transverce slice: do proper calcs. use up to 5 decimals if necessary, getting accustomed and it works properly.
      Bye, Jurgen.

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      Thank you very much Jurgen ! 🙂

      I must be doing something wrong ,what ever i try i always get flat bottom in front half of bow ,not round as i need . :angry:

      ps. In you pics i make the same A,C,A but dont know how to put B,B .

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      giorgio zuppin

      It’s all about points and edges placement.
      An ex.:

      Test by yourself several grid arrangements, try & try again, once achieved a good result cancel it and try again with less points and so on and so on…
      Bye, Jurgen.
      P.S.:one thank is enough… thanks :silly:

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      Big up Jurgen .. i couldnt open your file fbm, but dl new version of ds and now i can see it and will try like you suggested 😉

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