How to smooth the bow curvature?

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      Hello everyone! I am recently starting to use DELFTship and I am loving it. I’m drawing a SUP board to be built with plywood. I think I managed to get where I wanted except for one point: at the bow I wanted a smooth curve but I can’t.


      My board only has a side panel, a bottom and a deck. When the bottom board meets the side board I lose the smoothness of the curvature. Does anyone know how I can adjust this?

      Thank you 🙂

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      Hi Marcelo, welcome to the forum!

      If I understand your question correctly, you want to have a smooth curve in your bow,wghere the now is a  sharp coner point.

      In this instance the corner point is caused by two crease edges (chines)( intersecting- the intersection point of crease edges will always be a corner point.

      I am not sure if the crease edge that probably defines your side panel has to be a crease edge- but if you select the edge  (ctrl-click on the edge) and then click the ‘Crease’ button in the Edge menu group on the Home tab you’ll see that the bow is nicely curved.

      If you want to influence the radius between the bottom and side panel you can add a few more edges (parallel to the current one) to ‘force’ a radius. The closer these edges are together, the tighter the radius will be.

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