How to show curvature curves in model?

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      In some cases, the curvator-curves shows up immediately, during the creation proces, bus in some case they do not show up.


      Is there a way of changing a curve in such a way, that that curve which will show these curvator curves in the model?

      As well, I do sometimes see a curve, in which not the whole curve will have a curvature curve (right side of the picture below). Selecting the curve, by pressing the Ctrl-key and click part of that curve, does select the continuing curve completely:

      How to change that part of the curve so it will show these curvature curves completely?

      (Both problems are probably waiting for the same solution)
      Please help me out.

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      Curvature shows when a control curve is selected.

      Not all curves have a control curve added- to add a control curve to an edge, make sure the edge is selected and then click ‘Add’ in the Curve menu, Home tab.

      More details on curves, scale of curvature etc can be found in the manual, see the paragraph on Control curves and fairing.

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      Thanks Maarten,


      That was what I was missing.

      The manual was (for whatever reason) not sending me to the right direction (might be my shortcoming in not understanding all of the english terms of ship-modelling).

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