How to scale a imported background image for the right size?

DELFTship forum Hull modeling How to scale a imported background image for the right size?

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      i can import a jpg file with construktion but the size is wrong. How i can scale this? Sorry i’m a new whit this software…

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      And try to answer your question, though beeing a newbe, too.

      1. Make shure that the “Show grid” button is pressed (you should see your defined staions, waterlines and buttocks).
      2. Move your mouse into your backgroud pic (JPG file) and right click on it: a context menu will appear.
      3. Go to “Background image” and than to “Origin” –> your cursor will change to a cross with a zero.
      4. Drag the aft end of your picture into the correct position, i.e. the vertical APP 0 line.
      5. Go to the opposite end of your picture (mainly the bow) and make a right click to make the context menu visible again.
      6. Important: If you do not want to distort your pic you have to click on “Same X and Y scale” now.
      7. Again the context menu: Choose “set scale” and point at the very end of your backround picture.
      8. Enter the appropriate coordinates now, which is the length of your boat in most cases. For example: If you planned a boat of say 42 ft. length you have to enter “42” as the first of the pair of x/y coordinates — it’s not neccessary toput in the second dimension (y) because the pic will be shrinked proportionally now (see point 6).

      Maybe it’s neccessary to correct the position of your background pic slightly using the origin function again but in principle that should be the solution of your problem.

      Have a good time using Delftship!

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      Donna Klinton

      Hi there
      I usually scale image using an image processing tool.It supports to scale image and change the image size effectively.
      However,i’ve never tried to scale an imported background image for the right size.I believe that the third party program well
      help you lot.Best wishes.

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