How to “save as part”?

DELFTship forum General Questions How to “save as part”?

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      Christopher Ramsdal

      Hi, I’ve used DelftShip Free for some time. I never found an option for saving drawings as parts. Therefore I bought the DelftShip Professional 7 today. I still cannot find an option for “save as” in this version of the program. The only button I have is “save”, therefore I have no option of saving an existing project to a new file or as parts :/ I run on Windows 8.1.

      Please assist, thank you.


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      Hi chr_ramsdal,

      Welcome to the forum!
      The quick access menu at the top of the screen has an export menu group.
      This contains the “part” option:

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      Christopher Ramsdal

      Thank you very much for your swift reply! 🙂 Now I have the solution.
      A suggestion to the next version is to also place this menu under the tab shown above as well.

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