How to perform DS update from 5.24 to 6.X?

DELFTship forum Feature requests How to perform DS update from 5.24 to 6.X?

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      Ralph Grothe


      My question seems to be a bit misplaced in this “Feature Requests” section.
      But I didn’t know where else to post it more appropriately.

      I am a happy user of the free version of DS 5.24, which was the latest I was able to find beneath the download URL.

      From an experienced DS user I read in a German model boaters forum that he was using a DS 6.X release which got a few extra features compared to the DS 5.X release.
      Among the most prominent was the addition of a Sphere as a third graphic primitive besides Box (i.e. cuboid) and Cylinder.
      As I couldn’t find any DS 6.X in the download section of the DS website I asked him how he got hold of his 6.X release,
      and he replied that he simply had run the update command from within a DS session.

      I, of course, tried the same but haven’t been able to update this way.
      Instead I only receive a “Downloading the update list. The list with updates was not found” info pop-up whenever I click “File->Program Settings->Updates”.

      The reason why the update function isn’t working within my environment despite a ready Internet connection and valid registration on the DS site,
      may be because I haven’t got a Windows system but can only execute DS via the WINE API under Linux (which is a CentOS 6.4 x86_64).

      Thus I am looking for other DS users who run DS under Linux as well to ask them how to perform or obtain the latest stable DS release.


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      Ralph Grothe

      I just wanted to report back that I meanwhile solved the issue.

      I think my previous trouble with updating DS resulted from that I hadn’t provided the WINE environment variable WINEPREFIX in the first place when I installed DS, or rather when I first executed wine.
      This WINEPREFIX should point to a separate directory for each Windows program that one wishes to install/run under the WINE API
      so that Windows-specific settings of each program don’t get overriden by the next executed Windows program.

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      Thanks for sharing this

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