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      My problem is that I can’t get good interior edges. In the picture the surface at z=0 has perfect interior edges and the surface at y=B also. But for the bilge radius the interior edges are crossed.

      All 3 surfaces are seperate surfaces and all edges are grease.

      How can I insert a surface at the bilge with good interior edges?

      Any advice on the matter of interior edges is welcome!


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      giorgio zuppin

      I am not sure, because the image of course do not let me guess about your procedure.
      But if you have created a face from selected points, not taking care of the correct order, the result couild be those crossed edges with no common point, in effect a double overlapping face in the same plane.
      Let me know.

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      Hi, Alex!
      The picture is not enough informative to see the problem. Can you zoom out so I can see whole surface (the right part). Also zoom in to the left side to see what is in the corner.
      You can delete the face you don’t like and create a new one.

      Kind regards, Hrvoje

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