How to adjust (invisible) distance between objects

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      I am busy in yacht design, but at this moment I do have to face a problem of having to much distance between objects. This to make sure, that an inner part (object) will not be visible through another plate (hull).
      To make the inner part invisible from the outside, I will have to place it at 20mm from the outside object (hull).

      However the real plate thickness is 6mm max, so the inner object is designed too small, so it will have too much space, when it will be real fabricated. The extra (unrequired) space will be 28mm on a symmetric object when it needs to be placed inside the hull (as an example).

      In some cases, I will have to use a plate-thickness of 4mm, so the problem is even bigger.

      Can someone help me, getting the right tolerance on placing objects inside another object, so they stay invisible, with the right sizes?

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