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      nifon van beersum

      Hello i like to know how do i load a STL file in to Delftship.

      I can export a STL or .IGES file my solidworks program but dont know how to load these file inside Delftship.


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      Gunnar Holmstad

      I’m also trying to import .stl files with no luck. Is it even possible?
      I’ve been using photogrammetry to “reverse engineer”, and want to use the hydrostatic calculations in delftship. I have the models as meshes, but how do i get them into Delftship?

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      Do you use the binary or the ASCII version of the STL file? (the latter should be readable when opened in Notepad or a similar program and is currently the only one that can be imported)

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      Gunnar Holmstad

      The file I’m trying to work with now contains 67645 vertices, and 149999 faces. ASCII-file is 38,1 Mb. Is there any limitations in that area? What preparations do I need to do in Delftship before importing stl-file, – do i set project size etc.? Delftship Pro 5.26

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      Gunnar Holmstad

      We were led to believe that it was possible to import meshes in several formats when we decided to purchase Delftship Pro, – but we cant figure out how to do it. Is it even possible? Is there anyone out there who managed to do this? – And if so, can you please, please tell me how you did it?

      I would really appreciate some help on this, as I’m about to give up on this whole software 🙁

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