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      i’m trying to design my 1<sup>st</sup> boat with delftship (DS). I have a few questions I can’t find an answer for, neither in d manual nor in any tutorials i’ve watched.

      • possible to specify distance of stations, waterlines & buttocks?
      • How does DS decide on d hight of d hull? I can only specify draught
      • how does DS calculate d hydrostatics without knowing d type of material d boat will be made of? I only find ‘shell thickness’ but not ‘material’


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      Hiu Radek, welcome to our Forum!

      Distance between intersections can be set when starting a new model, of afterwards via the intersection dialog (Tools tab, Project tools menu, Intersections button) SImply ‘delete all’ intersections you do not like, and then either add one by one, or specify a range. Check the “Intersections” paragraph in our manual.

      Hight of the hull is where you put it- all layers that have the ‘Hydrdostatic’ property enabled count as part of the hull.

      Hydrostatics are a function of the shape- with a given CoG. If you want to calculate the CoG, you will need our Intact stability extension. That said, you can set the density for each layer to get a weight estimate.

      Good luck with your design!

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