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      > Hi gents,
      > excuse me to troubling you … how old I am , I am a beginner in terms of graphics programs.
      > I study tutorials and other sources to learn how they work at present .
      I have a free delftship version .
      > I profess with the theoretical design of ship hulls, but terminology does troubling me … some terms, to tell the truth.
      > I’m interested in ships and their design for a very long time , but
      > when I found table of offsets in Delftship tutorial i found new terms for me indeed. There on p.22 there is a table – ill. 6.5 >distance of aft contour line to origin on each waterline<,and on p 21 >distance of forward contour line to origin on each waterline<. >
      > I really do not know what to imagine the following data ..
      > forward /aft/contour line ???-( I believe, contour line is detrmined by its height on each station, but data don´t correspond…???)
      > origin on each waterline – ?? never saw that expression… which data and from where to where …
      > It makes no sense to me, and Google translator does not help me , nor
      > dictionary…confusing matter… sorely English isn´t my mother tongue…
      >Sorely I have not found recommended tutorial(round hull import demo.txt)

      > Thanks for help
      > Tom

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      Jesus Cruz

      The forward contour line is the interseccion of the ships bow with each waterline, and is measured from the origin (in Delftship is the point X=0,) in some cases is the aft perpendicular, so measure longitudinally from X=0 to the interseccion of each of the waterlines with the ship’s bow.

      The aft countor line is the inerseccion of the stern line with each waterline, pretty much same as forward but is refered to the stern of the ship.

      Hope this info helps.


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