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      Hello Delftship users,

      Is there anybody in The Netherlands who can explain to me the basics of working with DelftShip? (Free version) I’ve just got started with the programm and find it very difficult to figure out all options and possibilities.
      I’m kind of stuck with the tutorials. Can’t find the right answer.
      I have some knowledge about shipbuilding and construction, less about how to design this with computers. I just want to make a simple 3D modell of a Bristol Pilot Cutter, a classic gaff rigged sailing vessel. She’s called Cornubia (See lineplans). At this moment I don’t understand the options Origin and Set-Scale very well. I can’t get my lineplan adjusted to the Delftship model, it doesn’t seem to fit. And where do I place my X co├Ârdinate exactly? How does this work?
      I’ve loaded the image file and placed it behind the DS model, what’s the next step now? As you may notice, very simple questions, but as a beginner it’s very hard to figure them out! So anybody interested to help me further or give me some explanation? Please let me know!
      With kind regards; Yves Tonnaer, The Netherlands.

      These are the lines of Cornubia;

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      go to Download–>Tutorials–>Reproducing an existing lines plan –>Hull Modeling tutorial.

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      Thank you for your reaction Mike, i’ve already took a look at the tutorial,
      but still didn’t understand it very well. “Cornubia” also looks a lot different than the motorvessel of the tutorial, which makes it even more difficult. There are few straight lines in her plan. Another problem that i’ve found; how much points for longitudinal and vertical direction must i take? I guess i just need a lot of practice with somebody alongside who’s experienced working with DS on a regularly base. Once i’ve seen how the basic designing is done, in combination with a good explanation, i can try it myself. Just to make a start on basics.
      Than i can immediately ask the person questions when i find new difficulties.

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      Jesus Cruz

      What i did, was start “playing” with the icons, like inserting points. inserting faces and edges, in a blank space, so i could undertand the way the software “thinks” and after a while i understood the basics of the system and start developing the hulls, is a way to start, getting familiar with the software and then jump into modelling hulls.

      Good luck

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      how much points for longitudinal and vertical direction must i take?

      as few a possible, just use the default hull that Marven has put in there, FILE–>NEW you can scale it up at a latter date.

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      As a new DELFTship free user I second Mikes suggestion.

      A first attempt with more then default point and leakage points: 3D view and second attempt with default settings – beside size of course: 4 views in DELFTship

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      Kevin Morin

      I have written a series of exercises that explore, for the newer user, D’Ship Pro basic navigation and fundamental tool use. Rhey are not in Marven’s very nicely edited style (except the first one) but they may help?

      I email them for free, only asking that you keep the mail box clear enough so I don’t get the files returned and have to keep track of what I’ve sent.

      These exercises should/could be edited by someone who is more adept, but they will help the total novice with some exercises that may result in their improved familiarity with D’Ship Pro.

      I wrote them several years ago in an earlier version, and they are not updated or edited well. I’m not explaining the design cycle just a series of learning exercises to facilitate the newest learners in the basics. email direct to request

      Kevin Morin

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      Peter Mitchell

      Kevin, sent an email but was returned address unknown. do you have a new one? Thanks, Peter

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      Kevin Morin

      sorry not to update, Peter, here is a current email.

      Kevin Morin

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