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      Hey everyone,

      firstly I would like to say what a great program this is, I am very impressed with just the free version, I can’t imagine the full version!

      Anyway, I would like to know how I can make a cabin and deck, also a cockpit (dug out bit in the back) of a boat so I can finish making a Hartley TS16. Or is it not possible on the free version? Also I would like to know how to make the back of the boat, I have the hull but cannot but the back on it, please help with this as well.

      Your help will be very much appreciated.

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      AvatarMICHAEL KERR

      Transom; see tutorials (downloads) Reproducing and exitisting linesplan, theres a sectiona that exlpains the transom.
      Deck; In the DelftShip manual, main menu Help –> Edge–> extrude 9.5.1 page 29.
      Cabin or Cockpit, I explained this in an earlier post look my posts to find it, creating a cabin is the opposite as a cockpit, its in the opposite direction.

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      thankyou very much, i can’t believe i went through the help section 3 times and missed that

      but it says only boundary edges can be extruded, i selected the boundary edges, and it still says that, but the edge is a rubbing strake so does that mean a deck can’t be made off of the rubbing strake?

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      AvatarMICHAEL KERR

      no you cant extrude from the control points and creases that are left behind, only form the boundary edge, just highlight the boundary, extrude stake, outwards from the hull, upwards and back towards the centre line, or if you want a bulkwalk and stake, form your stake as above then extrude upwards, then inwards ( to what ever your hull thickness is) then down to deck level then across to the centre line, you can also extrude a capping on top of your bulwalk the same way. Does that make sence!

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      sorry, that did not make sence. I tried getting rid of the rubbing strake and using the boundary line i originally had but it did not work. here are a few pics of my model.

      no lines:

      boundary line

      all lines:

      also i have another boat model with a deck, I would like to know how to dig out a personpit floor or a cockpit. the boat which I am talking about is a hartley TS16. looks like this


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      AvatarMICHAEL KERR

      I cant see enough detail of your rubbing stake can you post a close up so I can tell you which line to extrude to the centreline, same perspective is fine.

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      AvatarMICHAEL KERR

      I would like to know how I can make a cabin and deck, patience little butterfly ( or I’ll rip your wings off) pain before pleasure,
      your first have to learn how to crawl before you can walk, Marven where’s my bulkhead tool, a thousand mile journey starts with one step.

      Marven there’s a subliminal message in there,

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      Hardly subliminal Mike…….
      More like a nuclear explosion perhaps??

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      AvatarMICHAEL KERR


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      this is my rubbing strake at the back, if you want a close up at the bow just let me know. I took the rubbing strake away and i got a deck, but i couldn’t remember how I made it in the first place :/

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      AvatarMICHAEL KERR

      but i couldn’t remember how I made it in the first place :/ I quess you mean the deck.
      highligh your sheer boundary edge
      Ctrl key and click on the sheer edge, it turns yellow.
      go to Edit–>Edge–>Extrude.
      The Extrusion box will appear, (in the Transverse slot type minus -2.00 (if you want a camber in your deck) in the Vertical slot type 0.10 then press OK.
      In the Plan View on the extruded yellow line click on all the control points one at a time (they have gone to far to the starboard side) in the Coordinate Box type 0.0 in the Y coordinate and they will all go back to the centreline. deck finished.
      Rubbing Stake, highlight the sheer line, turns yellow go to extrude but this time in the Transverse slot type (not minus) but 0.05mm, then extrude, then extrude again 0.05mm upwards (vertical slot) then extrude to the centreline like I just explained.
      If you want your rubbing stake to have round edges, this is after your done your deck, hightlight both outer edges of your rubbing stake and press the Crease button they will change colour from red to normal crease, a thin gray line, if your want to see what it looks like after your finished, right mouse buttom—>mode–> shade. it might be a good idea to copy and paste this out then print this post, copy to Notepad.

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      Sorry for digging up oldish thread but how do I make sails in this program (if possible)


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      AvatarMICHAEL KERR

      Hi , a box, just delete 3 sides and keep one of the vertical
      sides and move it to the approximate location, then in the Profile
      view pull the control points to the final location.

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      alright thanks. Is there any way to add a bit of thickness? just a bit like 5-10mm

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      AvatarMICHAEL KERR

      I’ve never given my sails a thickness and there is no
      reason to do it in the views but
      you can give it a thickness and its cubic weight in
      Layer Properties for say, your own amusement.

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      I had a few problems with these sails. First of all they seem all creased, I’m not sure how to get rid of it. Secondly I can’t think of a way to get bag in the mainsail, I can twist the leech. If you don’t know what I mean by bag in the mainsail the first picture on this site bag is when the middle of the sail is pushed to leeward by the wind.

      Also what are leak points and how do i fix them?

      Thanks for your help.

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      AvatarMICHAEL KERR

      I’ll start with the last question, Leak points,
      on the hull, leak points are control points
      that not are not on the centre line of the hull,
      in the tranverse axis, they should be 0.000.
      Go Downloads–>Tutorials—>Hull Modeling-Leak
      Points for a more detailed explaination.
      I cant help you when you put a camber in the sails, I
      only use flat sails, to determine wind silhouettes
      and windmoments, so just fiddle about and get as
      close as you can.

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