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      Waylon Wakefield


      I want to design a 18′ center console Carolina Flare style boat that I will ultimately build in my shop. The build will be a cold mold where the hull is built upside down out of wood then glassed, flipped over and topside finished the same way. I have built boats in the past from plans that I have purchased or from my own creation. This time I would like to see if I can build one from computer design. Only one problem, I have no experience with this software and going at it alone is proving to be quite the challenge. I was hoping someone could offer some advice on how to accomplish this design. I have attached some drawings that were done on another CAD program and listed the particulars below.

      LOA: 18′ 1 1/2″
      LWL: 15′
      Beam: 7″6″
      Draft (keel): 11 1/2″
      Dispalcement: 2,600
      Freeboard (fwd) 39 1/2″
      Freeboard (aft) 24″
      Power: 70-140 hp
      Construction: Cold-Molded Marine Plywood w/glass over

      Thanks in advance for your time !

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      iosif gross

      I can tell you how I am doing it.
      Getting the station in a CAD program.
      Writing an xyz file (txt)
      Importing the chines to DeftShip.
      You will get the boat and all the reports.
      You can see the “unfold” and check if it is not too much stress on the planks, correct if it is necessary. If you have the professional DeltShip, you can also export they .dxf file.
      Attached an example of an .xyz file, you have tutorial on this website how to do that.


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      Robert Holme

      Hi Wakefield,

      Quick and dirty but should get you started.

      Will need some work to fine it up and some adjustment for development seeing as how plywood only bends one way.

      Hope it gets you going.

      Best Regards

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