Help needed: Rotate perspective view with mouse

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      Andrew Ford

      I’m using Win7 and a Microsoft 5000 wifi keyboard & mouse.

      Once upon a time I could rotate the perspective view by click-and-holding the scroll wheel whilst moving the mouse. This no longer seems to work and I have no idea why. I suspect either Windows or the MS 5000 setting have changed the setup for the mouse. I see I can assign different key strokes to the mouse buttons, so does anyone know the keystroke to enable rotation in the perspective view? If anyone knows what might have caused the issue in the first place it’d be handy to know (and fix)…

      Many thanks


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      Robert Holme

      This is still the case for me – Win 7 usb mouse.

      Check the allocations of buttons and wheel in Control Panel, Mouse.

      Also check you have the correct mouse driver installed.


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