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      Hello Gentlemen,
      first, please let me tell, that I know cca. nothing about ship/boat design. I’m an engineer and I can use 2D/3D CAD programs pretty OK. I build scale models and now I’d like to draw and later 3D print a boat for a diorama. I have the 4 view drawings for the boat.
      I can use them as background in DelftShip, also can move them to the right place and then… nothing. I cannot drag the little points to the right place, also cannot line them up (only by giving the coordinates) and my “boat” looks like… Well, not like a boat. Is there a way to delete all pre defined lines/splines and draw my own curves? I do not really understand this program 🙁
      I just would like to have the hull surface, all other things will be designed in Inventor.
      Could anybody please help me with some “howto” for really loosers? 🙂
      Thank you in advance!

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      Tim Stewart
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      Robert Holme
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      Hello Gents,
      thank you for the help.
      Now I can make a pretty OK hull… but 🙂
      When exporting the design, DS can only create surfaces (igs or stl). Is it possible to create a hull design, that is solid?

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      John R. Coil

      Are you asking about trying to estimate weights of a completed hull?

      You can assign skin thicknesses and also material densities; however, it seems that the version of DS I use (not the latest) projects such thicknesses outwards , altering the displacement and hydrostatistics of the hull. The effect is not necessarily large; but, when I was still assigning hull thicknesses, and once I figured it out, I disabled the data for hydro statistics unless looking for hull shell weight.

      It has been a while since I used any hull thickness, though, so maybe things have changed.

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