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      Sönke Droß

      Hello i want to introduce myself. My name is Sönke i am a new member from northern Germany and try to learn Delftship.
      I am hobby modelbuilder and hobby boatbuilder. I have no CAD or 3D background. My profession is retouching pictures in photoshop.
      My first target is to model a simple hardchine rowboat which is to be build in stitch&glue method from plywood.
      The hull has got 4 planks each side.
      But the first obstacle is after opening a blank Szene, that the button to load background images is grey. So i can not load the 3 backgroundimages from which i try to model the hull.
      I will be very happy, if someone can give me a hint how to manage the backgroundimage loading.
      So i found some tutorials in the www but most are for more experienced user.
      I have a suggestion, that here in the forum could be a collection of links to tutorials for beginners like me.

      with regards

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      Hi Sönke, and welcome! :cheer:

      I never use background images (and a use an outdated version of Freeship :blush: ), so I can’t help you with your present problem.
      But I can give you a few of advices…

      Did you read the manual?
      I think the best way to learn Delftship’s une is to lad an already made model, to read the manual and to test every function using this model at once. Tus you can easily understand the function and its use. And only later you ‘ll be able to work at you own project … without being puzzled by a command you didn’t learn.

      One thing you must understand is the use of the layers. You can consider you’re drawing on transparent plastic sheets (the layers). For example you can use a layer for the hull, one for the deck, one for the transom, one for the masts, and so on. Don’t hesitate to use many of them, it will make you task easier on complex models.
      Each layer has its own characteristics. The “visibility/invisibility” can be tricky, because you can draw a surface on an invisible layer (in that case, it seems you didn’t draw anything, but you actually did it) and because a visible surface remains connected with its neighbouring surfaces (even on invisible layers) and continues sharing their common edge and corners. But the “visibility/invisibility” is very useful when you have to focus on a detail and don’t need see the whole model.

      A last advice for today: there’s a SEARCH button on this very forum. Don’t hesitate to use it, but remember to search without date limit: We probably already met you problem and shared a solution… many years ago… and the discussion vwill probably remain relevant tru the many versions of Freeship.
      Look: Just searching for the words “background image” I found six (!) pages of posts: http://www.delftship.net/DELFTship/index.php/forum/search?query=background%20image&searchdate=all&childforums=1
      I assume you’ll find your answer among them…
      (Don’t forget to search with no time limet: Any date and Newer!)

      Se you soon on the forum!

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      Sönke Droß

      Hello Icare,
      thank you for the advices.
      Yes i read the manual, but may be not carefully enough 😉
      It is a good hint with the date at searching topics. And i try my luck with an given model first.
      I hope you all understand my writing. english is not my mothers language. but i try my best to write in clear sentences…

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      Don’t worry: many members of this forum aren’t native english speakers (I’m well placed to say it, my identifier is not “Icarus”, but “Icare”).
      …and sometimes it’s hard to use english meanwhile you know the other member speaks you own language or you know you can use his own language more fluently than english. :unsure:

      If we had to use the software’s designer’s language (Dag Maartin! Hoe gaat het? 😉 ), Many of us would be really puzzled.

      An other solution could have been to let the members to use their own language, but it would quickly get messy… :pinch:

      So, finally, the rule here, is to use english.

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