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      Yigit Akbarlas


      I have added on “Project Settings” required heeling angles 0 … 80 Deg with step of 5 Degrees. However, Stability calculations ends up at 40 Degrees…

      Pls help me..


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      In that case you have one or more leak points in your model and it sinks once an angle of 40 degrees has been exceeded.

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      Jesus Cruz

      If you donĀ“t have leaking points, the reason could be that at 40 degrees the VCB crosses the VCG and what it should be a rigthing moment becomes a heeling moment, in other words due to the heigth of the VCG after 40 degrees is reached your ship capsizes. But according my experience this ony happeneds in very specific floating structures with a very high VCG

Viewing 2 reply threads
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