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      Martin Field

      Hi, I have a copy of DelftShip, but am a complete CAD new boy. I would like to create model kits in CAD of old wooden classic runabouts, racers, etc so that my customer only needs to use files I have created, instead of his having to take my hand drawings and interpret them for his laser cutters.
      Is this a possibility?


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      Kevin Morin

      Yes that is possible, I export from D’ship to an NC processor for my router and have done models of several boats, thin ply & aluminum.

      The steps to get this done are not simply “point and click”. Many internal surfaces are not fully addressed by D’Ship so frames can be more work than hull panels.

      There are work arounds for many tasks but D’Ship is not intended, at this time, as a fully integrated manufacturing (CAD/CAM) solution.

      You will need to work with other CAD applications (in addition too D’Ship) to create the full set of outlines for the NC cutting you’re describing.

      Kevin Morin

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