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      Terrance Egolf

      After having worked with Delftship Free for several weeks, I have found that some reasonably simple GUI enhancements would make editing in this program a whole lot easier. I regularly work with commercial graphics programs like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw; the suggestions below are standard features of such programs.

      1. Provide default hotkey commands or allow assigning keyboard commands to frequently-used functions like Add Point, Split Line, Collapse Point, Insert Control Line, Collapse Control Line, Add surface, etc. For power users with high-end, multi-button graphics mice, these should also be assignable to mouse buttons.
      2. Provide a “Hand” tool that allows using the mouse to make minor adjustments in the view without having to zoom out and then back in at the different location.
      3. In the Control Point parameters window displayed when a point is selected, add “+” and “-” signs next to the x, y, and z clickable arrows to help remind us which way to increase and decrease these coordinates. I would also like to see larger coordinate icons in the same window so it’s easier to tell which one we are selecting. I imagine someone who is working in the program all the time might remember which is which, but for part-time users and weekend modelers, it’s a learning curve all over again.
      4. Add an Insert Guideline feature, which allows inserting vertical and horizontal 3D guides in all three views which can be translated and rotated. These would allow quickly inserting points and constructing structures by eye without having to identify specific coordinates for the relevant points.

      By the way, after learning how the program works, I see a lot of potential for ship modelers. It is really a cool program for quickly developing and validating profile, halfbreadth, and body line plans from standard views of historic ships. However, the hull modeling section of the manual, in particular, could use a lot of clarification to make it more accessible to non-naval architects. I would be happy and eager to assist in expanding that information if Delftship were interested (I write textbooks for a living).

      Terry Egolf
      Greenville, South Carolina, USA

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