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      I am working in the free version. Is there any way to set the grid spacing? I am working in Feet/ inch and the spacing is at dimensions that are difficult to work in. I do not see anywhere to set the parameters and they are not a subdivision of Meters from what I can see.
      This seems to matter the most when I export a DXF as the spacing is not particularly useful to build from.

      Regards, Charlie

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      Sergio Diaz-Ibieta

      Hi Charlie,

      The settings for the grid are done by the user when defining the Intersections (Sections, buttocks and waterlines). So, you have to click on the intersections window and add stations, waterlines, buttocks which in turn will create the grid. Don’t forget to turn the grid on…

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      Thank you Sergio,
      This gives me exactly what I need to turn my drawing into the tooling to build a hull from.

      I had not found that window to set the spacing so the program had been using some default that was different for each iteration I was drawing. Now I can get uniformity and numbers my mind can grasp not to mention a usable DXF file.


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