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      john truelove

      Help please.  I have DELFTSHIP professional 12.2 (321), and have just downloaded / installed the latest update.  The result is that I cannot now pick up multiple points with control+box when these are co located in an orthagonal view.  This is a major embuggarance and I want to go back to an earlier version where I could do this.


      How do I go backwards to an earlier version?  I am happy to surrender the professional version if  necessary.  please advise.

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      Hi John,

      Sorry to hear about this issue. If  you have the professional version, please visit our download site to get the last version you are comfortable with. If you do not know the url of the download site, please dop me a PM, or send a message through our contact form

      I will see if we can reproduce this error so we can fix it- can you give me more information about when it occurs? Is it in ALL 2D views?

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      john truelove

      Thanks Martin.

      Firstly, your DELFTship is brilliant – I am speaking as a silly old fool and retired Naval Architect who cut his teeth on battens and weights 50 years ago.  My career wandered about working for an amateur navy (mostly) and in retirement I am getting back to what I have always wanted to do: designing boats.

      I am in the middle of a composite or fully GRP yacht design, and was attempting to develop frames in 3D from an initial 2D in the model.  I took the 2D frame at the hull intersection and extruded it aft .05m (I), then extruded it inboard .05m (II), then extruded it forward 0.1m (III), then extruded it outboard 0.5m (IIII), and finally extruded it aft .05m (V).

      The inboard extrusion (II)  resulted in a section of varying depth (as expected), and this was (?) replicated in the outboard extrusion (II).  The points involved I describe here as “wrong points”.

      When I endeavoured to group pick up the wrong points via a group pickup (Ctrl+mouse) it didn’t happen sometimes (? always), so I trying to pick up the points individually.  This was not successful as the wire frame presentation was just too cluttered.  It had nothing to do with the lateness of the hour or the bottle of fine red wine by my computer.

      I am pretty sure that I have used this technique successfully in an earlier version of DELFTship, hence my enquiry.

      Unfortunately I cannot show you any images: I deleted all the frames / layers that I had been working on for the previous 3 days, and am using a new (and much simpler) technique, so far with success   …   BUT

      … tonight I again had a failed group pick up, failed repeatedly, in frame layer 58.  Nor could I group the points by picking them up individually.  Again I used the nuclear option and deleted the layer.  Two previous frame layers were completed quickly and without problems

      I hope that this helps





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      john truelove


      I forgot the important bit.  These problems have only occurred in the front and aft views.



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