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      Usman Falah

      I want to know how to give the hull, a basic thickness and a mass so that the displacement and the waterline could be more realistic.

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      The easiest way is to use the LAYERS dialogue box to set the thickness and specific weight (density) of the ship’s part drawn on this layer. But the thickness will NOT be shown on the modle display.

      This can give you an idea about your model final weight and about the CG location.

      The other way, much more tricky, is to really draw each face of each part, to set the thickness equal to half of the real thickness (since a plank has two main faces, this will give you the whole thickness back). But if you’re drawing something else but a plank, you will have to consider the part’s volume in regard with its surface… sigh!… :unsure: … just mentioning this eventuallity makes me sick :sick:

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      iosif gross

      Regarding thickness:
      Open “Project settings” go to “Hydrostatics” and write the design thickness in the
      “Mean shell thickness” window


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