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      edouard BAETZ

      J have a design of a sailing boat like 6MJI developped with the delftshi version 3.2 and i can use the Gaussian curvature shading with a good result and the scale of color is perfect.

      When i use the new version of DelftShip with the file of my project, the gaussian curvature shading does not work well, the scale in the left of the view does not show the negative value in front of the color and the hull is green.

      When i use your own project, the gaussian curvature shading is working well.

      Thank you for your help to solve my question

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      Can you post an image how it looks in version 3.2 and version 4 so we can see the difference?

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      edouard BAETZ

      I don’t how i can print a view, so j send to you the file of my project. I hope that will be enough to find a solution.
      Thank you for your answer [file name=Coque_Z1__Quille_Z1__gouvernail.fbm size=34018][/file]

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      edouard BAETZ

      I send to you a file with two view of gaissian curvatire shading for the two version of software
      Many thanks for your help. [file name=Impressions_Gaussien.pdf size=325341][/file]

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      edouard BAETZ

      If you have time to give an answer about the Gaussian Curvauture Shading, Thank you in advance
      Merry Chrismas

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