from DXF-File to DELFTship Model ??

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      Marcel Nitzke


      i´m new at this Forum and new at the area of ship modeling.

      I have a question about Delftship. At this time i use the free version (i want the professional if Delftship can solve my Problem 🙂 )
      i have a dxf-File with my shiphull and i don´t know how i can create a delfship model.
      at first i make a import of the dxf-file(round 825 polylines) -> delftship make the import and show my hull, but now i have no idea i can make a model!?!

      so i can´t check the hydrostatic or can work with the data.

      Can anyone help me eith my problem?


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      Denis Pratt

      post your file so we can give you some advise. Or if in doubt read the manual it will help.

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