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      Murray Isles

      Hi All,

      When Delftship produces a tank sounding table for a rectangular tank the values in the FSM column do not reduce as the ullage approaches zero. This suggests that the program does not account for pocketing as a full tank should have zero FSM.

      I have read that accounting for pocketing can reduce predicted FSM by about 25%. This can make the difference between ‘passing’ or ‘failing’ a small vessel with wide tanks in the maximum loaded departure condition so I’d like to be as accurate as possible.

      Is there some setting I haven’t found to get Delftship to account for pocketing, some other way to factor it in or, does anyone know, any plans to add this feature to future versions?



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      Dear Murray,

      Pocketing is indeed not accounted for because as far as I know this is not allowed according to the regulations. Or do you have an example where it is allowed?

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