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      Don Wesley

      Hello: My goal is to design and build my own boat to use when I retire.
      I can design it, but I have not been able to develope frames.
      Is there any way to create a frame and then develop it so it can be printed out
      with the numbers ?
      I love the program and have enjoyed drawing various styles of boats with it.

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      Boy, I sure wish that, and a frame-generator/distance from stem-to-stern, too. And, a simple tank generator, too (although not as comprehensive as the extension sold for DS Pro)…

      Maybe the next release will have that, and more, such as an ability to fence/grop select and such?

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      Don Wesley

      I guess it was too much to think you could actually create a boat with this program.
      It is just a toy to play with.

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      well it’s all in guys!

      Frames can be generated from the ship lines. You can easily set the distance for sections, waterlines, buttocks and diagonals. The lines plan can be exported to a cad program and voila, there are your frames.

      Tanks can be generated using the pro version and tank addition.

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      That’s what I do with the stations and waterlines, so that I can have shell stiffeners longitudinal, stringers… Buttocks come in handy if it is useful to have long’l girders.

      In my case, i use Punch ViaCAD, and i set up major and intermediate sizes of T lines to then rail sweep along those stations, waterlines, and buttocks. However, if my surfaces are not well-faired, some stiffeners once solidified (from surfaces made from the dxf 3d meshes) may not be perfectly flush. But, for my purposes, it’s fractions of a millimeters most of the time, and if built in the real world, then welding probably would fill in the gaps.

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      can you email me just want some more info about Via Cad.

      Thanks mate


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      Peter Edmonds

      I’m VERY new to DELFTship, and am still feeling my way.

      In a pre-DEFLTship environment, I have received a design where the hull shape (a barge shape with shaped bow and deadrise) had been done in AutoCAD. I don’t know the derivation process, but the plate transverse frame outlines were generated.

      I am working in the SolidWorks environment, and am looking to feed DELFTship shapes, normally with developable shell plating, into SW model through IGES surfaces. The internal framing can then be fitted quire readily to the internal faces of the shell. This includes stringers which may be at a constant offset across the shell plating, as well as the orthogonal and raked plane cases. Doing this is still very much a work in progress.

      I have been able to fair longitudinal lines in 3D space in SolidWorks, and build hull shell surfaces. However, SW doesn’t address the developability; hence the call to bring DELFTship into the process.

      I hope this helps.


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      I am also very interested in simple frame editing.
      Just creating sections is not enough for this aim, but i think it is a simple development to provide an offset length to each section and to generate a frame surface through the offset line.

      How about that? Perhaps just for pro-version ?

      And is there a developing plan for a next release ? New features and so on ?

      Best regards,


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