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      George Stanfield

      Greetings, I would like to first say thanks for the great software it is very user-friendly and I’ve already used it a lot.

      My question is: Is it possible to change the settings to use feet/inches with fractional measurements? This would be a lot easier for me to use since it’s what I have always worked with.

      Is this possible or do I just need to get used to working in decimal formats?


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      Peter Edmonds

      I think you are stuck with decimal measurements.

      However, I have addressed converting feet, inches, eighths into mm (or metres) with a very simple Excel worksheet.
      Set up your 3 input cells as above.

      Output cell becomes sum of (feet * 304.7) + (inches*25.4) + (eighths * 3.18).

      Key in the 3 elements.
      Write down (or key into other application) the output number.
      Go on to next dimension.

      Peter Edmonds
      Naval Architect
      Perth, Western Australia

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