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      sandun chathuranga

      hello, i’m beginner for this software. already i have a offset table and lines plan. and how can i carry out further calculation from this software…

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      Andrew Neudakhin
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      Terrance Egolf

      The information for importing a Table of Offsets is provided on pages 32 – 34 of the manual.

      I had to fiddle with this for several days until I could understand what some of the terms meant and which features to activate and which to leave turned off. During the next revision of the manual, I would like to see a labeled diagram or two explaining the meaning of each of the terms used in this section for the benefit of us nonprofessionals.

      1. “Stations” and “waterlines” are pretty straightforward
      2. While “deckline” would seem to be fairly clear, the example shows the deckline intersections to be above those for the “contour line”, which I assumed was intended to represent the sheer or rail of the hull, so I never used this data.
      3. The “forward contour” is the line describing the stem in the profile view and the “aft contour” is the line describing the stern in profile.
      4. No example is given to show what a “flat bottom” means. Does it mean a horizontal bottom, or a plane surface curved fore and aft?
      5. One thing that I found out the hard way is that every space in the table must have a number in it. If there is no station/waterline intersection in your table, then you must enter a “0.000”. If you don’t do this, very strange things happen!
      6. I found that importing the main part of your table into a spreadsheet makes filling out the required format for DS easy. Then export the spreadsheet as a tab-delimited text file.

      Hope this helps


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