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      Jürgen Sass

      How to increase font size? As it is, it is difficult to read, for example, layer properties and hydrostatics in wireframe view.
      in the transformed layers I miss a button to deselect all. As it is now, it’s very time-consuming to click away all layers that are not being transformed.

      Jürgen Sass

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      If you can’t find this parameter in Delfship’s options, maybe you can try to use Windows’ parameters to change ALL your applications’ display… including Delftship’s.

      What do you call “transformed” layers?
      Is this a new function? (I’m still using a 3 years old version).
      When using Delftship, you work at editing all layers’ content… For me, an unmodified layer is just an empty layer…

Viewing 1 reply thread
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