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      Leo Lazauskas

      This free (64-bit Windows) version of Flotilla is an enhanced thin-
      ship code that estimates the total resistance, squat and wave
      patterns of monohulls.

      The program is not suitable for many classes of hulls. It cannot
      handle planing hulls, or stubby vessels like tugboats and yachts.
      However, it provides acceptable predictions for fine hulls with L/B
      as low as 5 when the hull has a transom stern and for Froude numbers
      greater than about 0.35.

      Latest features and updated reports can be found at:

      In the next version I will release a feature that allows Delftship
      users to create a quick input file using the File->Export->Michlet
      option. (If anybody has suggestions before then, post them here.)
      Until then, you can use the same offset formats (table or spline)
      as in Michlet.

      Version 6.1 can be downloaded from:

      To install the program, uncompress the zip file into a suitable
      directory. To uninstall, just delete the entire sub-directory.

      The 44 page manual is in the “doc” sub-directory. That directory
      also contains reports that compare predictions with experiments for
      several systematic hull series, such as AMECRC, NPL, Nova-I,
      Series 64 and Doctor’s “Lego” Series.

      Batch files and instructions on how to run the validations are
      included as examples in the manual.

      A program to produce wave pattern graphics is also included.

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      iosif gross

      What about window 32-bit version?


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      Leo Lazauskas

      What about window 32-bit version?

      That will require me to spend a few hours changing some parts of the code.
      I’ll have a look at it after I finish and release versions for catamarans, Surface
      Effect Ships and hovercraft.

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