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      Hi all
      I’m still learning this program that is, no doubt, very straightforward, and that is my fault, so I beg your pardon if I ask some help for a matter wich is surely very trivial.
      What’s the simplest way to add an inclined flat transom to an hull?
      More or less so

      I’m sure that can be simple but I can’t find the way…
      With thanks

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      giorgio zuppin

      Well, there are many, here’s a couple of the simpliest:

      It’s the standard hull in New Model, just draw a plan>>intersect>>cut : so we have an inclined aft.
      Now in the first ex. I select the profile and>>extrude curved, used normally for decks.
      It works well, just be careful on the lower part: must be some space spare for the last face.
      But you can manage it anyway.
      In the second hull I selected the upper edge>>extrude (randome amount ).
      Then with>>add I complete the transome: it needs a couple of edges, a bit of twerking with>>align and move all to Y 0.000
      Result in the last semihull.
      With practice you’ll find a suitable routine I’m sure.
      Any questions, I’m still here.
      Bye, Jurgen.

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      Thanks Jurgen for the quick reply.
      I’m going to methods you suggested.
      Cheers for now

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      Trying to practice, thanks a lot for the advice.

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