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      good day,

      I am new to the thread, trying out delftship hull modeling and capabilities and find it avery powerful tool.

      My test/trial hull has a flat bottom and flat side, what is the best way to model these flat surfaces in delftship? I am using a scanned lines plan as an image background, have input points for all station sections at each waterline height and also have input stern/stem profile. Surface patches created between station. surface created, looks good (about 16 vertical control points and 22 horizontal) but side and bottom flattness still need work. How can I best define the flat side and flat bottom? is there a particular workflow you recommend? My hulls mainly consist of existing passenger vessel designs with a flat bottom, raised floor some times, turn of bilge, flat vertical sides, rounded stern, flared bows.

      thanking you in advance for your guidence.

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