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      roelof ‘t Hooft

      Hi all,

      As a new user of freeship and possible soon delftship I
      would like to know how to add or fix a little problem
      I have been experiencing for the last few days.
      A design of a hull has a large hole in the bow and I
      have been trying to add or insert the rest of a station
      and crease (?) line. Please see the attached picture.
      Page 30 of the latest manual (v3.2) talks about an
      insert command but that does not work on my gaping
      hole 🙁
      I have been reading a lot of messages in the forum and
      almost the whole manual but (maybe also due to the english
      language) not been able to find a solution.

      Thank you,


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      roelof ‘t Hooft

      I am trying to attach the picture, first have to
      figure out how that works……


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      Jesus Cruz

      You can add a patch or a face in that area, just click the four points while you are pressing the ctrl key, four points would apear higligted and then press the “create a new face icon”, a “face should appear in the “hole” not being a hole anymore, hehehehehe, after that just click to select the edges that you want to crease and that should fix your problem.

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      roelof ‘t Hooft


      Thank you.
      It worked 🙂
      Even with three points.


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