File saved in version 3.2 will not open in 4.46. Can anything be done?

DELFTship forum Hull modeling File saved in version 3.2 will not open in 4.46. Can anything be done?

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      Hi, I work exclusively in version 3.2 and wanted to share a new model I’m working on with a friend up in AK. He was unable to open the file (he’s likely using the the latest pro version). I just downloaded the the free version of 4.46 and had the same results: [This Is Not a Valid DELTHship File]&[Invalid Floating Point Operations]. Does anybody know what is going on? Is it possible that the problem is with my old 3.2 program? It seem to be working properly in every other function. Anything I can do to share files? I don’t remember having this problem in the past. Could it have anything to do the newly released version 4.46? Is there no back compatibility? Cheers, Dave

      I’ll add a file in case others what to try for similar result.

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      It seems the file has been created with a version of Free!ship later than 2.6.
      I’ve checked, but the file format is not compatible with any of Delftship’s formats.
      So either you have saved your file with a later version of Free!ship, or the file is corrupted.

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      I’m thinking the file is corrupt. I just wonder why? Maybe my version of 3.2 is broken (Version 3.2+ is what information is given on the title page as the program loads). So… I wonder if my program will also wreck any DXF file I try to save. Do you have any way of testing a DXF? Just in case you do, I’ll attach one for you.

      So strange that I never had this problem in the past. I recall having to reload WINDOWS not too long ago. Maybe when I put Free!Ship back on my HD I used an executable file that went bad in the interim time period. That is a real shame if that’s the case.

      Hmmm… DXF files don’t seem to be an allowed file format in the forum. I couldn’t upload it as an attachment. Marven, if you or anyone else following the thread has a way to test a DXF file I’d love to know if they are any good. I’ll list my email; anybody interested in helping please give a shout. We should be able to email it back and forth I would think. Thanx, Dave

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