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      Anneler Ruedi


      In the Delftship manual (341175964-delftship-manual.pdf) I see this sentences:
      3.5 Control curves and fairing
      For increased control over the shape of the surface, control curves can be added to the model. These control
      curves are assigned to edges, and after each subdivision step the new edge-points are not only inserted into the
      surface but also into the curve. This ensures that the control curves are always exactly embedded in the surface.
      If the display of curvature plots is enabled from the display menu, selected control curves will be drawn including
      their curvature plot.

      Well. I use creased edges (I draw the form for a folding kayak having hard chines only because of the skeleton framework used to build it). I think thta using control curves could be a good thing to fair the hull. The manual says that control curves are assigned to edges, but it does not say HOW.

      My problem:
      Can I attach and use a control curve to and with a crease edge?
      How can I can attach a control curve to a certain edge?

      Thank you for any help

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      Anneler Ruedi

      got it:

      curves can be added to selected edges (ctrl – click to select all edges fo a certain chine) by – surprise, surprise – the menu point “add” in “home”, top menu area “curve”.
      To see them mark “control curves” in “home”, top menu area “Hull display”, “control curves”, and selecting the curve in the model as well (blue line). This can be a bit nifty as the blue line is hard to see when the model is rather well faired already. Zooming in helps with this.

      Now I’m eperimenting with fairing the chines and the attempt, not to end with a completeley different shape at the end. Kind of check and balance – same thing as many other thinhgs in life too :-)).

      Love Delftship 🙂

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