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      Recently I downloaded Delftship the free version and I have the latest version.
      I am strictly amateur in this field.I have loaded a 7 meter yacht I drew by hand many years ago,I am having a few problems and I would say its because I am not that good with computers.
      Anyway I have been trying to use the Automatic Fairing of Selected Control Curves but this tool does not even highlight in the task bar.Is this only available in the professional version?
      I cannot get the control curves to show on a selected curved line.
      My yacht is round bilge and cannot work out how to put a transom in I have tried a few things as explained in the manual but cannot get it to work,so I constantly get 4 leak points when I go to check this as there is no transom!
      Anyone can help?

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      Automatic fairing is not available in free version. 🙁
      Have a look in VIDEOS how to make the transom.

      Kind regards, Hrvoje

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      Thanks for the info.I went to videos but nothing!! Not sure what the problem is. :unsure:

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