Extending a sloping face.

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      Denis Pratt

      I have a sloping cabin side I wish to extend downward maintaining the same slope angle. Is there a simple way of doing this please? 🙁

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      Hi Denisp,

      If I understand you correctly, one way of doing this is to first extrude the side (note that you can only extrude boundary edges, so the side you extrude needs to be ‘open’ ) to the desired new length, and then project the sloping edge using the ‘align’ function. (which moves all selected points to a straight line between the first and last selected point.

      Point – Align:

      If multiple points have been selected, it is possible to align those points on a single, straight line. This is done by projecting all the selected points on the line that goes through the first and last selected point. They are projected on the line rather than uniformly distributed to keep the displacement of the points minimal. Additionally you can modify coordinates of the points. For example: if you have selected multiple control points forming the outer edge of a transom you should only adjust the X-coordinate in order to put all the points in the same plane seen from the profile view. The shape of the transom, as seen from the back, will remain unaltered.

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      Denis Pratt

      Hi Maarten,
      Thanks to your well described instructions, I can now extend a sloping face and keep the same face angle.

      It would be a bonus if there was an existing sub-routine that could do the same in a few simple instructions. Say ” Extend surface edge a distance keeping existing surface angles”, or perhaps “Extend surface to meet another surface keeping existing surface angles”.

      Perhaps there is, so I will have to investigate more.

      Also looking at trimming a deck and a cabin front and side to each other at the moment, using the intersecting planes sub-routines and having a little strife. Most probably me taking short cuts that do not meet protocol requirements of the program. Will work on it further before calling for help.

      Kind regards,

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