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      Hi. I’m trying to export Stations to a .txt file, but have some problems:
      1- Stations have different amount of poins. Is there a way to constrain Delftship so that every station have the same amount of 3D points? In other words, can Delftship produce a fixed user-defined amount of points for all the exported stations?
      2- Many Stations have different order of points: some have the bottom-centerline point first and the shear/deckline point at last. Some have the reverse order. Any way to constrain Delftship so that all stations show the same order of points?

      My goal is to export Delftship hulls to other softwares having limited import capabilities, Sail7 in this particular case.

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      I´m having problems with exporting stations to archimides with the last update, Delfship v5.26.228

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      David Forcucci

      I am having the same issue when I export to table of offsets. If I have 19 stations and 13 water lines it saves the offsets with 20 and 10 respectively. I would prefer it to have the exact same numbers in the export file?

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      David Forcucci

      Also, if you open a sample file then export the offsets, then import them back into a new file….. It looks nothing like the original. Any help out there?

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      Markus Hennig


      same Problem , even with the Demofiles.

      Any Solution?

      Thx in advance

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