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      Hey Folks,

      For a project I need to calculate deterministic damage stability with kind of unusual criteria. The GZ-curve needs to be reduced by an additional heeling moment. Only the reduced GZ-curve is then compared to the criteria. I figured Delftship is not able to do that. Now I’m trying to export the GZ-curve and then apply the heeling moment myself. When I simply copy paste the GZ-curve from the report I get the values of GZ-curve for 0° to 60°, which is what I selected in the project settings.

      Unfortunately due to the rollback angle for the wind heeling moment I need the values of GZ-curve more like from -15° to 60°. But I can not add negative heeling angles in the project settings. However Delftship calculates these values as can be seen in the damage stability Report.

      Can anyone tell me how to export the full GZ-curve as calculated in damage stability?


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