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      George Bailey

      I am new to hull modeling and to DELFTship.

      I have developed a hull shape for which I need to create molds. I am not familiar with the process and the other forum threads have not helped me.

      When I try to export a 2D .dxf file I get this message:

      Cannot create file “C:Program FilesDelftshipStations.dxf”. Access is denied.

      My export units are in feet. What max length of line segments should I use? What am I doing wrong?


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      You’re doing nothing wrong, except for the fact that you are trying to save your files in a subfolder of c:program files which is a protected folder.
      In Vista and later you don’t have permission to save your files there.
      Try saving to a different folder.

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      George Bailey

      Thanks Marven.

      I’m a Mac user with a partition for Windows, an environment that is alien to me. I use Windows only for DELFTship and Explorer on this site.


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